Prime Time Lawn Care

Why Us

Professional Equipment

Residential homes is our forte. They require specific equipment to treat the residential home professionally. You’re not going to see us riding 2,000lb, 70 inch deck zero turn mowers on your property. They always burn or scalp the grass which eventually leads to those nasty brown spots in the lawn. 
You’ll see us in lightweight zero turn or push mowers. In which will eliminate the chances of scalping, burning, or damaging your lawn. 
By having the proper equipment suited for the residential home, rest assured as your lawn will be in great hands.


At PrimeTimeLawnCare, we don’t believe in contracts.

The idea of signing a contract to mow grass always seemed far – fetched to say the least. We’re a pay as you go business.

If you want to stop service, just say so!


Your homes safety and security is priority #1. We know our customers have dogs, free range kitties, you name it. The last thing we want is for you to pull up to your home after a long day and see your back or side gate left open with your dog gone. To prove our seriousness about this, if at any time after we service your property, and we forget to shut or lock a gate we take 50% off your monthly invoice. No questions asked.   


When working with us, you’ll always see us in our official blue or red company shirts. You won’t see us pulling up in that beat up truck that’s seen better days. Or be that crew who’s attire is all over the place. One guy wearing jorts with a cig hanging out of his mouth. The other, wearing pajama pants with that yellow looking white shirt. We’re going to show up with the right equipment, sharp appearance, every time. 


We take all sorts of payments. If you want to be oldschool and write checks, that’s fine by us. Or if you like to stay more with times we offer credit card billing that’s taken out on the 1st of each month. There’s another online payment option that attaches with your monthly invoice you receive from us as well. We like convenience, I’m sure you do too! 


One thing everybody loves is consistency. You’re having a big pool party or BBQ this weekend, and your lawn care provider no shows… We empathize with the potential frustration this causes. Which is exactly why we put you on a recurring schedule so you know when we’ll be there. No confusion. Just great lawn service who you can trust. 

Your Calls Get Answered

You called your lawn care provider 4 times this week and still haven’t heard back? That’s poor customer communication and not how we conduct business here. Calls are always answered or swiftly returned. Guaranteed!